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Seti Afoa
Seti Afoa

ACC Case Manager/Self-employed
Bachelor of Theology (Hons)

“I don't have a degree so for me this is less of a career choice than a desire to achieve a personal goal. I've also been a Christian for a long time and I wanted to learn more about my faith. But the problem is that after completing the Bachelor stage I've found I've only just started learning!

“My lecturers are all very approachable and the support network is first rate. Distance is a misnomer in a way because of the accessibility of the lecturers and staff at the Theology Department and the University as a whole.

“The impact study has had on my life is revelatory. My understanding of my faith is a lot clearer because I can see, through the reasoning and arguments, the source of my belief. And in a practical way my learning is reflected in the sermons I am asked to give in my parish.

“The best part for me is the encouragement I am to my children to set their sights higher. My son is now completing his BA, my older daughter is starting hers and my youngest daughter finds immense value in my example as she sets her sights toward her future.“

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