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Senior Teaching Fellow

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Tel +64 3 479 3765

Dr Celia Lie completed her PhD in 2007 at the University of Otago under the supervision of Dr Brent Alsop. After working as a Postdoctoral Fellow at Victoria University of Wellington for two years, Celia returned to Otago in 2009 to take up a Teaching Fellow position in the Department of Psychology. Her research and teaching interests are in the general area of behaviour analysis, focusing on factors that influence people's choice behaviour, and behavioural intervention strategies that target community issues.

Celia has two decades of demonstrating and lecturing experience, and is involved with the co-ordination of the laboratory programmes for PSYC 111 (Brain and Behaviour) and PSYC 112 (Human Thought and Behaviour). She is also the paper co-ordinator and lecturer for PSYC 328 (Behaviour Analysis in Everyday Life), and is involved in outreach and community engagement activities, promoting Psychology outside of the University community.



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