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Dr Celia Lie

Teaching Fellow

Celia Lie, Teaching FellowEmail
Tel 64 3 479 3765

Dr Celia Lie completed her PhD in 2007 at the University of Otago under the supervision of Dr Brent Alsop. After working as a Post-doctoral Fellow at Victoria University of Wellington for two years, Celia returned to Otago in 2009 to take up a Teaching Fellow position in the Department of Psychology. Her research interests are in the general area of behavior analysis, with a focus on the effects of positive and negative consequences on human choice and detection behaviour. She is currently the Secretary/Website Administrator for the New Zealand Association for Behaviour Analysis.

Celia has over 9 years of demonstrating and lecturing experience. As the 100 Level Teaching Fellow, Celia is involved with the co-ordination of the PSYC111 (Brain and Behaviour) and PSYC112 (Human Thought and Behaviour) laboratory programmes. She also co-ordinates the Psychology component of Hands on Science, and is involved in promoting science outside of the university community.

Teaching Fellow for:

PSYC111 Brain and Behaviour
PSYC112 Human Thought and Behaviour


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