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You are encouraged to seek support if you find you are having difficulty with your studies due to disability, which includes any circumstances that causes temporary or permanent impairment including illness or injury.

The Department of Psychology is committed to making reasonable adjustments that will facilitate participation in our papers so that students with an impairment are treated equally by removing barriers that can arise due to assumptions about functional abilities. We recognise that additional assistance is often required to equitably accommodate students with impairment of their hearing, vision, dexterity or mobility. The same goes for students with specific learning difficulties or with health conditions that are physical or psychological in nature including injuries and bereavements.

We accommodate students whose impairment is permanent or temporary – the crucial thing is for contact our Administrators, to let them know the situation as soon as is possible via email, so that help can be put into place prior to a problematic situation arising in a paper (e.g. requesting an extension before the deadline is important).

For further information or assistance, please contact Disability Information and Support:

Disability Information and Support (DI&S)

The University of Otago is committed to supporting students with any form of disability, impairment, illness or injury. This support is coordinated by the University's Disability Information and Support (DI&S) service, located on the West Lane of the Information Services Building on the corner of Cumberland and Albany Street.

Tel +64 3 479 8235

Find out more about Disability Information and Support

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