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The Student Opinion Survey (SOS) has provided the University with an invaluable source of student feedback since 1995.

The SOS allows students to comment on the programme they are completing, the department they study in and the University services they use. The surveys provide information for a number of key University processes and documents, including the Departmental Review process, the annual Statement of Objectives and the Annual Report.

Since 2007 the Student Opinion Survey has being run as two surveys: 'Student Opinion Survey: Support Services' and 'Student Opinion Survey: Academic Experience'. This change was made in response to student feedback about the length of the student survey.

Feedback collected is sent to departments, divisions and other units, and is also presented to the relevant areas in a series of meetings held by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic), the Director of the Quality Advancement Unit, and the Surveys Manager.

Student responses to the SOS have prompted a number of improvement initiatives, for example improved lighting and security around campus. A recent analysis of results relating to course work also suggest that teaching quality has improved at Otago over the last ten years, as indicated by improved student ratings.

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