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Principal investigator(s) and department(s)

Up to Three Principal Investigators may be included

Title First Name Initial(s) Surname Department Campus
Dr Christopher T Doorstop Public Health WSM&HS
Telephone 04 123 4567

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Title of proposed Area of Research

The impact of geographical mobility on families in accessing healthcare services in New Zealand.

Human Participant?
Yes No (Are there human subjects involved in the research?)
Yes No (Is this work being done by or on behalf of the District Health Board)
Blood Tissue?
Yes No (Are blood and/or tissue samples being collected?)
Yes No (Is DNA sampling involved?)
DNA Going Overseas?
Yes No (If DNA is to be collected, is it to be sent overseas?)
Proposed Start Date
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Student Researcher?
Yes No (Is the research project a student project?)
Electronic Copy
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(Where is the research to be conducted?)

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Concise description in lay terms of the research

This is a description of the research, that is exactly what we are going to do, it is not a description of the general area of research. It is also jargon free and any and all acronyms are explained. The primary goal of this research proposition is to explore the impact of geographical mobility of parents and their children living in rural and urban settings of New Zealand and the impact this has on families accessing primary healthcare services. Face to face interviews and a survey questionnaire will be used to measure a range of socio and economic determinants in primary healthcare settings. Participants will be asked about their health and well-being on a standardised scale.

Aims and outcomes

This study will identify issues for different ethnic groups living in New Zealand and the impact on health and well-being as a consequence of shifting residency more than three times over a three year period. The Bogus study has suggested that 15% of the Māori population shifts residency annually. The outcome of this research will be a better understanding of how health is affected by this mobility and how health services might be better targeted. There may be a number of outputs as well, for example a PhD, several journal articles and conference presentations.


  • Mobility
  • Location
  • Family

Interest to Māori

Māori are disproportionally affected by many health conditions and some of that is based on availability of healthcare services (Hauora: Māori Standards of Health IV 2000-2005). We will be collecting ethnicity based on the latest census questions on ethnicity, this is a Treaty right and will not be examined as part of our research. If it was being used we would include an analyst with knowledge of analysis by ethnicity as part of the research team. We are seeking a Māori postgraduate researcher to be part of the team and providing support for them in this project will be a priority. We will be collecting ethnicity data based on the current census question. We will be disseminating our findings to appropriate Māori health providers.

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Collaborations in this area of research

Dr Tim Buck Smith
Dr Merana Tutekawa


Potential funding sources

Other Information

Anything else that may be relevant about the research that has not been covered in other areas or there wasn't enough room to mention.


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