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Many of our departments already have on-going connection with businesses, providing consulting or research support, linking students with potential employers, running student projects with local companies. Here is a list of the people in departments who already have a good understanding of what you may be looking for (because re-inventing the wheel takes time you don't have).

Department/programme Contact Email
Applied Science programme Sara Wakes
Bioengineering Azam Ali
Botany David Burritt
Centre for Materials and Science Technology Raechel Laing
Chemistry TBA
Clothing and Textile Centre Raechel Laing
Clothing and Textile Sciences Raechel Laing
Computer Science Michael Albert
Food Science Indrawati Oey
Food Science Product Development Centre Pat Silcock
Geology Dee Roben
Human Nutrition Tracy Perry
Ann Morrison
Marine Science Will Rayment
Maths and Stats Richard Barker
Physical Education, Sport and Exercise Sciences Chris Button
Physics Pat Langhorne
Psychology TBA
Surveying Marg Newall
Zoology Gerry Closs
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