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Contact Details

64 3 479 7095
Honorary Associate Professor
Department of Oral Sciences
MDS (Otago)
Research summary
Student learning, dental workforce and childhood caries


Alison Meldrum's main areas of research include the allied dental professionals workforce, childhood caries, and student learning and acquisition of knowledge.


Aziz, S., Loch, C., Li, K. C., Anthonappa, R., Meldrum, A., & Ekambaram, M. (2024). Remineralization potential of dentifrices with calcium sodium phosphosilicate and functionalized tri‐calcium phosphate in the deeper incipient carious lesions: An in vitro study. Clinical & Experimental Dental Research, 10, e876. doi: 10.1002/cre2.876 Journal - Research Article

Shukla, H., Meldrum, A., & Boyd, D. (2023). Dental and oro-facial features of Foetal Anticonvulsant Syndrome. New Zealand Medical Journal/Te ara tika o te hauora hapori, 136(1579), 24-35. Retrieved from Journal - Research Article

Adam, L. A., Georgy, M. A. S., Konthasingha, P., Meldrum, A. M., Oranje, J. M., & Sejpal, R. M. (2023). Comparison of self-perceived competence of recent dental graduates from the Universities of Otago and Dalhousie. European Journal of Dental Education, 27, 101-109. doi: 10.1111/eje.12781 Journal - Research Article

Tomiki, L., Meldrum, A., Adam, L., & Taylor, R. (2022). The effect of complementary feeding patterns on the oral health status of infants aged 7-10 months, New Zealand. New Zealand Dental Journal, 118(4), (pp. 171). [Abstract] Conference Contribution - Published proceedings: Abstract

Darlow, B., Brown, M., McKinlay, E., Gray, L., Purdie, G., Pullon, S., the Longitudinal Interprofessional Study Group, including Beckingsale, L., Foster Page, L., Gallagher, P., Handley, J., Herkt, J., Kuperus, L., McHugh, P., Meldrum, A., Skinner, M., Schwass, R., Weaver, J., Wilson, C., & Windle, J. (2022). Longitudinal impact of preregistration interprofessional education on the attitudes and skills of health professionals during their early careers: A non-randomised trial with 4-year outcomes. BMJ Open, 12, e060066. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2021-060066 Journal - Research Article

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