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Building relationships

Growing a strong and sustainable culture of positive social impact will involve building long-term relationships.

This includes relationships with community and not-for-profit organisations, student organisations, the University, alumni, and the media.


Things are better together. We believe that sharing resources, people and networks is vital to achieving more for our communities.

We invite, foster and facilitate collaboration with non-profit, corporate and government sectors.


We love exploring new and innovative opportunities and relationships to inspire more students and staff to get involved with social impact activities.
Student-driven growth

We are committed to facilitating and supporting student-led social impact initiatives and building the capacity of students through the provision of training, services and resources.

Otago focus

We support and enhance social impact activities in Otago, but our efforts extend to regional, national and international communities.

We will build a vibrant, diverse, satisfied and growing network of stakeholders that is representative of the social impact community.

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