Biomechanics Lab Vicon 650

Equipment and software

3D and 6D Motion Analysis Systems

Biomechanics Lab Nexus Cameras 226The Vicon system uses multiple high definition, high speed cameras to track the location of a large number of reflective skin markers in three dimensions. Collecting at frame rates up to 1000 frames per second we can accurately track the movement of markers in a wide variety of situations.

Force Plate

AMTI LG6-2-1 and OR6-5-1 force platforms simultaneously measure three force components along the xyz axes and three moment components about the xyz axes. Capture and analysis is via ADInstuments Chart or synced through Vicon Nexus.

Wireless EMG

Noraxon Ultium 16 channel wireless EMG system for synchronised collection of muscle activity with movement.

High speed video

An Edgertronics camera allows collection of synchronised high speed video.

Biomechanics Lab Software 226Game analysis

STATSport Apex Pro GPS player tracking system for game analysis and player stats.

Dartfish Live software.

Timing Light System

Developed here at the School of Physical Education, Sport and Exercise Sciences incorporates a micro-controller and LCD timer display panel cabled to tripod-mounted light gates and utilises infrared photoelectric switches. This system provides instant, accurate split times, lap times and count laps for comparison.

Analysis software

The school has access to various software including Dartfish for technique and game analysis as well as MATLAB and Visual 3D for a range of post analysis.

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