Biochemistry Laboratory

The Biochemistry laboratory is used to process samples obtained from participants during research protocols. There are several centrifuges to spin down blood samples including a refrigerated bench top model to separate tubes of blood, and several smaller Microfuges for samples in either small plastic tubes or glass capillary tubes.
The Cobas C111 analyser is used to perform a number of biochemical analyses on blood (plasma or serum), urine and sweat samples, including electrolytes, glucose, urea and various enzymes and proteins. A Vapour Pressure Osmometer is used to measure the Osmolality of a range of samples, and a Hemoximeter is used to measure total Haemoglobin, Methaemoglobin and blood gases on small whole blood samples. These measures help to track changes in hydration and oxygenation status of participants.

Exercise Physiology Equipment

The School has a large range of equipment for Exercise physiology teaching and research, some of the key items include the following:
Environmental Chamber
The school has three Cosmed Metabolic measurement systems, including the ability to do 12 lead ECG and Pulse oximeter.
Various treadmills including an H/P Cosmos Quasar with large running surface and metabolic cart control.
Lode Excalibur Sportcycle ergometer. Three Velotron computer controlled, precision electronic bicycle ergometers. Various Monarch 828E and Wattbike cycle ergometers.
Concept II Indoor Rower allows for the duplication of the motion of on water rowing.
Temperature Sensors
BodyCap eCelcius recorder for real time logging or data recording of information sent from the core body temperature sensor pill.
Grant Squirrel Data loggers for use with thermistors for real time logging of temperature of ambient, skin, auditory, oesophageal and rectal.
Sweat Rate System
Designed and built here at SPESES. The Sweat Rate system has been developed to enable the rate of sweat to be monitored on a subject while performing common tasks in a laboratory setting. The Sweat Rate system can be used to monitor changes in sweat rate as well as quantitative values for different periods of a trial. For example two common uses of the system are to observe the onset of sweating after exercise has begun and to measure the total sweat loss over a set trial.
Gas clamping system
Designed and built in house to allow for several options of clamping inspired or expired gas mixtures.
Finapres finometer systems for monitoring continuous blood pressure.
Masimo Radical 7 Pulse Co-Oximeter.
InBody 230 body composition analyser.

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