Strength Laboratory

Exercise Prescription Strength Testing 226The strength laboratory contains a wide range of free and machine weights, and various equipment for rehab and sport specific training and assessment. The power measurement system is for the evaluation of optimal power training levels. The Biodex Isokinetic Dynamometer allows Isokinetic and Isotonic Concentric/Eccentric testing and exercise plus the versatility of Passive, Reactive Eccentric and Isometric modes. Concentric speed ranges from 0-500 deg/sec and torque limits from 0-500 ft/lbs. Eccentric speed ranges from 0-300 deg/sec and torque limits from 0-300 ft/lbs.

Exercise Prescription Clinic

Exercise Prescription Clinic Gym

The exercise prescription clinic serves both as a teaching facility for students taking papers related to exercise prescription and as a public facility for those participating in our Exercise programmes. The space is predominantly utilised by the Expinkt Clinic- Exercise training beyond breast cancer. Run by Dr. Lynnette Jones, the clinic provides an environment in which cancer patients and survivors are able to work safely in an exercise setting to reduce the side effects of their treatment, both physical, mental and social. The clinic also offers senior undergraduate students the opportunity to work with cancer survivors, one of the most complex groups to manage in an exercise setting.

The Exercise Prescription Clinic is extremely popular and spaces are limited each year. We accept referrals from Medical Practitioners, Dietitians, and through Sport Otago's Green Prescription scheme.

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