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Monday 17 February 2020 9:35am

Section He Kitenga cover 2019 thumbHe Kitenga research highlights.

Otago-based researchers in the collaboration Coastal People: Southern Skies feature prominently in the latest edition of He Kitenga, a prestigious University of Otago research publication.

Coastal People: Southern Skies collaboration aims to rebuild coastal ecosystems

The collaboration connects communities with world-leading, cross-discipline research to support transformative change to rebuild coastal ecosystems.

The focus is on the changes resulting from ocean warming and acidification, sea-level rise, and climate change. Research includes responding to the decline in culture, local economy, and well-being of coastal people in New Zealand and across the Pacific.

Dr Anne-Marie Jackson and Associate Professor Chris Hepburn lead the Coastal People: Southern Skies collaboration.

Coastal People: Southern Skies web page has more about the collaboration.

He Kitenga features Coastal People: Southern Skies researchers

A number of University of Otago members of the collaboration have had their research featured prominently in the latest edition of He Kitenga including:

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