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What to bring to the Marshalling Area

The marshalling area is located in the Dunedin Centre, adjacent to the Dunedin Town Hall. Access is via the Glenroy Auditorium entrance located on Harrop Street. Please ensure that you arrive by the designated time, if you arrive late there is no guarantee that you will be able to take part in the ceremony.

When you arrive at the marshalling area you should be dressed in your regalia, with your graduation order number sticker (which will be included with your guest tickets) affixed to the left side of your gown.

Please do not bring more than one hood with you to the marshalling area. Only one hood is worn at a time, therefore if you are receiving two degrees and have hired both hoods, you must choose which hood you will wear at the ceremony.

Do not carry anything else that does not fit in your pockets: you will need both hands free on the stage.

You will not return to the same seat after you cross the stage to receive your degree or diploma. For this reason, it is best not to bring cellphones, cameras, flowers or handbags with you to the marshalling area.

Further information, including the time that you need to arrive at the marshalling area, will be sent to you via email approximately 6 weeks prior to your graduation ceremony.

Graduation Order Number

When you collect your guest tickets, you will find a number sticker with your name and qualification(s) also listed. This is your graduation order number, which determines the order in which you cross the stage and therefore where you will be seated in the Hall.

You need to have this number affixed to the left side of your gown when you arrive in the marshalling area.

Please do not remove this sticker. A staff member will be located at the bottom of the stairs to remove it from your gown before you cross the stage.

The Graduation Ceremony

The Chancellor, Council and Staff of the University enter the Town Hall promptly at the stated start time.

The audience (both graduands and guests) is requested to rise as the procession enters.

The ceremony will begin with welcomes by the Chancellor and the Māori Orator, followed by the National Anthem sung in Māori and English.

How Degrees are Conferred at the Ceremony

The Vice-Chancellor or the relevant Pro-Vice Chancellor or Dean will announce graduands for each degree/diploma (eg "for graduation in the degree of Bachelor of Arts").

Staff will direct each row of graduands (in strict numerical order) to the stairs at the foot of the stage, on the right side (facing the stage) of the Dunedin Town Hall. A staff member will remove your graduation order number sticker.

Names are called in small groups. Go up the stairs to the stage and when your name is called, move forward holding your trencher in your left hand, to stand immediately in front of and facing the Chancellor.

The Chancellor will confer the degree by holding a special trencher over your head before congratulating you and shaking your hand. The Registrar will hand you your degree certificate as you move towards the left side of the stage.

You then put on your trencher, which should be worn for the remainder of the ceremony. You leave the stage using the stairs at the far left of the stage and return to the body of the Hall. A staff member will direct you to a seat.

How Diplomas are Awarded at the Ceremony

The procedure is the same as above except the Chancellor will not cap you, but will congratulate you and shake your hand. As you are not being "capped", you must wear your trencher while you are crossing the stage. The Registrar will hand you your diploma as you proceed across the stage.

You leave the stage using the stairs at the far left of the stage and return to the body of the Hall. A staff member will direct you to a seat.

Remainder of the Ceremony

The ceremony continues with the graduation address and concludes with the singing of Gaudeamus.

Staff will then leave the Town Hall in procession, after which you and your guests are free to depart.

Your Graduation Documents

At the ceremony, you will receive a hard copy of your degree/diploma certificate (testamur) and official academic record (transcript).

If graduating in absentia (not attending the ceremony), your documents will be sent via signature required courier after the ceremony has been held.

For more details see receiving your graduation documents without attending a ceremony

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