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Applying to graduate

Each round of graduation ceremonies has a specific time-frame during which applications can be made.  The onus is on you to submit an application during this time-frame.

If you haven't received an email inviting you to apply to graduate (sent to your student email address) by the time that applications open, contact the Graduation Office immediately.

The date on which applications will open and close for each ceremony can be found on the following webpage:

Graduation ceremony dates and application dates

Final result

Your final result must be confirmed prior to applying to graduate. Check with your department if your final result has not been received when applications to apply to graduate open.

If your final result is not recorded on your academic record you may be withdrawn from the ceremony, however you will be able to reapply for another ceremony to be held at a later date.

Electronic copy of your thesis

Before you can graduate you must submit an electronic copy of your thesis.

Go to Otago University Research (OUR) Archive page to deposit your e-thesis

Problems submitting your e-thesis? Contact the OUR Archive Administrator via email

Completing outstanding requirements

Please ensure that you submit an application for a place in a ceremony while applications are open, refer to the Graduation ceremony dates and application dates webpage as linked below.

Enquiries about completing outstanding requirements prior to the graduation ceremony should be directed to the relevant email address linked below.

The deadline for completing the requirements for your qualification prior to the graduation ceremony is as follows:

Graduation ceremony dateDeadline date
Saturday 11 May 2024Thursday 11 April 2024, 12 noon
Saturday 18 May 2024Thursday 18 April 2024, 12 noon
Saturday 17 August 2024Thursday 18 July 2024, 12 noon
Saturday 7 December 2024Thursday 7 November 2024, 12 noon
Wednesday 11 December 2024Monday 11 November 2024, 12 noon
Saturday 14 December 2024Thursday 14 November 2024, 12 noon

Graduation ceremony dates and application dates

Masters candidates graduation enquiries

Doctoral candidates graduation enquiries

Graduation booklet form for doctoral candidates

PhD GraduateThe Graduation ceremony booklet includes a brief summary (120 words or less) of all doctoral theses being awarded in person at that ceremony.

Please download the Graduation booklet form for doctoral candidates, complete and email it as a Word document to the Graduation Office. This must be done as soon as possible, and at least four weeks before the ceremony that you have been accepted into.

Remember that most of the people reading this summary will be unfamiliar with your field of study, so you should make it as simple and easy to understand as possible.

Your summary should not refer directly to yourself.

View a sample of a completed summary (PDF)

View a second sample of a completed summary (PDF)

Contact the Graduation Office via email

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