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Students searching for books in the library(Admission ad eundem statum at entrance level)

Australian secondary school students are ranked based upon their overall academic achievement to allow for comparisons in student performance across States and Territories.

To be eligible for admission you must achieve one of the following:

  • ATAR rank of 74 or above
  • OP rank of 12 or below

or pre-2010

  • TER rank of 74 or above
  • ENTER rank of 74 or above
  • UAI rank of 74 or above
  • OP rank of 12 or below


A non-refundable administration fee of $93.00 will normally be charged for applications under admission ad eundem statum at entrance level.

Preferential Entry requirement from an Australian secondary school

The requirement for Preferential Entry for the applicable undergraduate programmes is an ATAR, TER, ENTER, or UAI rank of 80 or above or an OP rank of 10 or below.

Evidence you are required to provide

Australian Rank results are released in December. You will be required to provide an official copy of these once they become available.

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