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What is My eQuals?

My eQuals gives students and graduates secure access to their academic records online. It allows them to share their digital documents with anyone they choose, at any time.

My eQuals is a joint initiative among New Zealand and Australian universities. It allows students to access these digital records from anywhere in the world, in a secure online environment and to securely share their documents with a third party, e.g. a potential employer or another university.

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My eQuals will allow employers and universities to confirm the authenticity of students' qualifications from participating Australian and New Zealand universities as well as those from China, Europe and America (other countries are expected to join the service in the future) via a secure portal.

Further information is available from the My eQuals website

What documents will be on My eQuals?

From October 2017, the following official documents will be available to current and past University of Otago students:*

  • Transcripts
  • Qualification certificates (testamurs)
  • Statements of Completed Qualifications
  • Enrolment Status Letter

*This does not include documents for:

  • University of Otago students who studied prior to 1977
  • Former Dunedin College of Education transcripts and testamurs
  • The Kindergarten qualification prior to 1974

Contact AskOtago to obtain these types of documents

How does My eQuals work?

Digital documents for students studying at the University of Otago on or after October 2017, will be automatically uploaded to My eQuals at key times during their course of study, e.g. once semester results are released, and within the three working days following the graduation ceremony at which their qualification was formally awarded.

Students can also trigger an update of their transcript at any time via the Programmes and Papers section in eVision.

Your results and graduation information held in eVision will be converted into secure PDF documents and uploaded into the My eQuals system. My eQuals will send you an email to alert you to the new document(s). Once you have registered you can access My eQuals to view or share the documents.

Transcripts for people who last studied prior to October 2017 can be uploaded on demand via the Programmes and Papers section in eVision, or by contacting AskOtago.

Qualification certificates for those who graduated prior to October 2017 can be uploaded by emailing a request to the Graduation Office.

How do I access My eQuals?

Login to eVision

Need help with My eQuals? Visit the AskOtago Service Portal

Email the Graduation Office about your qualification certificate

How secure are My eQuals documents?

The underlying systems have been independently tested by security experts to ensure documents are authentic, tamper-evident and legally valid when viewed online. All documents have digital signatures that meet the legal requirements of certified digital documents in countries around the world.

Students and graduates cannot upload or modify documents in My eQuals. They can only view and share the documents the university has uploaded.

These security features can't be guaranteed if you choose to print the digital documents.

What to look for when checking a document's authenticity

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Benefits of My eQuals

My eQuals delivers significant benefits to all users of the system, students and graduates, employers, universities and the Higher Education sector, including:

  • Document portability – access records 24/7 from anywhere in the world and provide access to third parties via email or link;
  • Immediate access to certified digital documents, cutting the delays of manual production, processing and delivery;
  • Improved experience when moving between Australian and New Zealand institutions, as well as abroad;
  • Secure credentials protected by My eQuals ensures the authenticity of documents for potential employers and other parties you share your documents with;
  • Faster outcomes as these portable, certified documents streamline administration and lead to faster decision making within institutions;
  • Reduced cost – less manual production and postage means a more economical system;
  • Increased control and security students maintain control over who receives access and for how long, and;
  • Environmental sustainability by reducing printed documents, saving many pieces of paper annually in academic hard copy documents.

Fees for My eQuals

There is a one-off fee of $30.00 to pay the first time you view or share your digital University of Otago transcript or certificate on My eQuals. Once this fee is paid, you will be able to view and share these documents, including any updates, free of charge.

Please note that this $30 fee is non-refundable.

Access to the Statement of Completed Qualifications and the Enrolment Status Letter are provided free of charge.

How do I access My eQuals?

The first time one of your documents is uploaded to My eQuals you will receive an email prompting you to register on the My eQuals system. If you are a current Otago student this email will be sent to your Otago student email address. If you are a past student the email will be sent to the email address you provided at the time you requested the document upload in eVision.

If you have been registered on My eQuals using an Otago student email address, you must add a personal email address as your primary email address. Alternatively you can link your My eQuals account to a social media account (e.g. Facebook). This will ensure that you can continue to access your documents after you leave the University.

Once you have registered on My eQuals, you can access your documents using the My eQuals Portal.

Login to My eQuals

How do I provide third party access to My eQuals documents?


Students and graduates can share a link with a prospective employer to view their official University of Otago documents in My eQuals.

As the education sector incorporates digital academic records (transcripts) and graduation documents, employers may need to review their processes to take advantage of the benefits that certified online documents provide.

Contact AskOtago to request your documents

Other Universities

There are a number of ways that your University of Otago digital documents can be shared with another university. We recommend that you contact the other university to find out their preferred method for receiving these documents.

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