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The University

The Schulich School of Business is a leader in graduate management education and offers a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs that highlight its commitment to developing innovative programs for future business leaders, as well as its commitment to sustainable business practices and triple bottom line thinking.

Toronto is the cultural and business epicenter of Canada, and a world leader in arts, finance, and technology. It is one of the most diverse cities on the planet, with a wonderful network of parks, recreational, and cultural facilities. Toronto is the home of four professional sports teams and the third largest English-speaking theatre district in the world, behind New York and London. Schulich is located in North York, about one hour to downtown Toronto by public transit.

Exchange information

  • Undergraduate and MBA exchange.
  • Suitable only for Commerce students.
  • Students must have completed at least 2 years of university study, including business foundations courses in Accounting, Finance, Organizational Behavior, Marketing, Statistics, and Economics before arriving at Schulich.
  • Academic Year - September - April (Fall Term: September - December; Winter Term: January - April).
  • Minimum course load: 9 credits; maximum course load: 15 credits
  • Course progression system: 1000 = 1st year; 2000 = 2nd year; 3000 = 3rd year; 4000 = 4th year.
  • Workload: 3 credits = 36 contact hours - students are expected to complete 2-3 hours outside of class per hour of class time.
  • Schulich also has some half term courses (.015) for graduate program. Two half courses (1.5 Schulich Credits each) equals one full course.
  • Restricted courses: Accounting.
  • MBA Exchange students may only enrol in MBA courses taught at the Schulich School of Business.
  • Undergraduate students may only enrol in BBA/iBBA courses at Schulich and take 1 (one) course outside of Schulich.
  • Exchange students cannot take core courses at Schulich.

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Further Information

For further information about Otago Global Student Exchange, please contact an Exchange Adviser.

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