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Students walking through the Quadrangle

Student visa

  • It is the student's responsibility to keep up to date with the latest student visa requirements. Please check the Ministry of Foreign affairs website to obtain up to date information on the country you intend to study in.
  • If you are going on two exchanges you need to find out how and from where you can apply for the student visa for your second destination.
  • All visa enquiries must be directed to the appropriate Embassy. The Exchange Advisers are not able to give visa advice.


  • Exchange students must have comprehensive travel and medical insurance as per the OTAGO GLOBAL Student Exchange travel and medical insurance guidelines:
  • Otago students should purchase Studentsafe Outbound (unless they are living overseas). A 25 per cent discount will apply.
  • Most insurance policies do not cover extreme sports, unless you purchase a specific policy covering that (if available). Some activities will not be covered by insurance.
  • Please read the fine print on your insurance policy.
  • Individual exchange partners may have different insurance requirements, some may have a compulsory insurance plan students must purchase.
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