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Streaming is required for those classes where the number of students enrolled means that students need to be separated into different lectures, tutorials or laboratories. You will be allocated to specific streams by eVision at the time you select your papers. The system will make a best fit to avoid clashes with other papers and to take into account enrolments across the paper.

Prior to the release of the roomed timetable, the timetable is provisional. There will be further amendments to streams as numbers fluctuate, streams are added and removed by departments, and populations are balanced.

Shortly prior to the start of the semester, the roomed timetable is released to eVision, and you will be advised to check your timetable. At this point the timetable is no longer provisional, and you will be able to see any changes that have been made since selecting your papers. If you are streamed into a specific class, it is important that you always attend this stream.

If you need to change your allocated stream or have not been streamed into a class, you should contact the relevant teaching department for advice.

Search the University's online phonebook

It may be possible to request stream changes from academic departments, however there is no guarantee that departments will allow students to change streams. Some departments manage their streams very tightly due to resources and space in classes.

Room allocation

The roomed timetable will be released to eVision shortly before the beginning of the semester. Room allocations can change before or during the first weeks of a semester.

If an allocated room has to be changed after room information is first displayed in eVision you will be notified through Blackboard, email, departmental noticeboards or in class.

Teaching locations

You can find the location of teaching venues, computer rooms, exam locations and more using the room information in your timetable in eVision, by looking the online map or the PDF version:

If you require further assistance in locating a room, please visit:

AskOtago Service Portal

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