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Study Hebrew at Otago

    Hebrew at Otago


    Hebrew is the language of the Tanak (the Hebrew Bible or Old Testament) and of the modern state of Israel. It is a Semitic language, related to Arabic. The papers offered at Otago aim to familiarise students with the Hebrew that is found in biblical writings.

    The study of Hebrew is of particular interest to students of Religious Studies and Theology. It will also be of interest to students of Linguistics,   in that it gives them access to a language which is very different in its structure from the languages of Europe and Asia.


    There are two Hebrew papers available:  HEBR 131 Introductory Biblical Hebrew 1 and HEBR 132 Introductory Biblical Hebrew 2.

    Hebrew translation and explanation/interpretation papers are also taught at 200-, 300- and 400-level (BIBS 213, BIBS313, BIBS 411)


    HEBR papers

    Paper Code Year Title Points Teaching period
    HEBR131 2024 Introductory Biblical Hebrew 1 18 Semester 1
    HEBR132 2024 Introductory Biblical Hebrew 2 18 Semester 2

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