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Information for Otago Summer School Staff

Summer school guidelines for participating departments

Otago Summer School provides an intimate learning experience for students, with tuition provided in Dunedin, Auckland and Wellington sites, as well as by distance.

An informative guide designed for Heads of Department and Course Coordinators has been compiled to address the organisational and administrative aspects in which the Summer School Office has a role.

Download the Summer School Guidelines for Participating Departments (PDF format, 419 KB)

Carpe Diem | Kia tū, kia maia

A two-day workshop for people planning to (re)design a paper to be taught at a distance and/or in Summer School

Are you teaching in Summer School and/or by Distance? The Distance Learning and Summer School Offices are offering a two day workshop for people planning to (re)design a paper to be taught at a distance and/or in Summer School.

About nine years ago in the UK, a process for helping staff redesign teaching programmes to take greater advantage of digital technologies was developed by Professor Gilly Salmon. She developed a two-day workshop, which she called “Carpe Diem”, to lead staff through the process.

Following her example, we are holding a similar workshop this year. It is designed for those of you teaching in papers and/or programmes where the consensus amongst teaching staff is that a pedagogical redesign is due. The catchphrase for our workshop is “Kia tū, kia maia”. Let your redesigned paper make a strong and confident statement about what and how you teach!
The workshop aims to provide you with an opportunity to redesign your papers in order to gain maximum teaching and learning benefit from the core digital environment that the University provides for staff and students. The workshop will focus strongly on rethinking how teaching and learning occur in a primarily digital environment in your programme and its constituent papers. It will involve staff from the Library, ITS e-Learning team, instructional design expertise, Summer School and Distance Learning.

We welcome your participation

We can cater for a maximum of 20 participants, so registration is essential.

We have some expectations. They revolve around participation in the following:

  • A preliminary meeting with each participant.
  • A two-day meeting  – workshop format – all participants present for the full workshop.
  • A follow up meeting with individual participants.

Commitment to these expectations is essential.

Our goal is for each participant to leave the workshop with:

  1. A detailed, programme-oriented, (re)designed framework for your Summer School/distance paper, enabling focused, on-going development;
  2. At least two well-structured technology-based learning activities that you have designed;
  3. A framework for building additional activities to ensure student engagement and learning;
  4. An understanding of the basics of learner-centred design and its implementation in the development of your paper.

Watch this space for upcoming dates.

Teaching in Summer School: Planning and Reinvigorating Workshop

Facilitators: Dr Elaine Webster and Dr Clinton Golding (HEDC)

This workshop provides an opportunity for summer school teachers to design or refine your paper. You will apply some of the principles of teaching design to the special challenges of summer school. You will collaborate and share insights and create teaching solutions in this collegial workshop. You will hear the feedback and course evaluations from previous summer school students, and use this to inform your teaching. Using creative thinking, you will design better lectures, readings, small group work and assessment tasks.

Who Should Attend?
Teachers in Summer School

Date and Time:           

Watch this space for dates and venue