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Monday 22 July 2019 2:23pm

The School is pleased to announce that Kirsten Brown has been awarded the Surveyor-General's Geodesy Prize for the 2018 SURV399 Field camp by the Surveyor-General Anselm Haanen.

The SURV 399 field work is conducted in Dunedin where students use a combination of Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), total station and digital level observations to precisely determine three dimensional coordinates of key locations together with their respective uncertainties. The end product of SURV 399 is a Professional Project Report written so that an expert will appreciate the completeness of work and a general reader will understand what has been done and have confidence in the result.

The Surveyor-General commended Kirsten on her project and noted that "Kirsten clearly conveyed the technical information in a well written and presented technical report. Her project demonstrated a good understanding of the NZ geodetic system and the principles and rationale that underpin the survey processes and methodology she used".

Below is a photo of Kirsten receiving her award from Surveyor-General Anselm Haanen at a recent School of Surveying seminar presentation.


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