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Sea levels are an integral part of a complex system representing the integration of a series of coupled ocean-atmosphere and ocean-land processes. The sea surface respond to short term diurnal, seasonal and inter-annual changes as well as factors that are linked to climate change processes. New Zealand's sea levels have been monitored since the last decade of the 19th Century and are some of the longest and most reliable tide gauge records in the southern hemisphere.

cGPS at tide gauge

Sea level rise in New Zealand: The separation of vertical land motion from the tide gauge record

Find out more about the cGPS@TG project.

Taranaki tide gauge reconstruction project

The Taranaki tide gauge record has been a problematic data set to reconstruct, involving discontinuities and periods of no data. This is the first attempt to derive a coherent sea level record, which is particularly important given that the site is on the West Coast of New Zealand.

Find out more about the Taranaki Tide Gauge project.

People Involved

Paul Denys
John Hannah

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