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BSc (Presbyterian College, Physics), MSc (Florida Institute of Technology, Oceanography), PhD (Otago)

Phone +64(0)3 479 5010 or 4074
Room: Surveying building, Ground floor, Room G06 or G12


Judy has recently joined the technical staff (2019) from her position as a research assistant within the School of Surveying. She will be providing technical support to teaching, field work, and research for both staff and students.

Her PhD completed at the University of Otago with supervisors Associate Professor Tony Moore and Professor Liz Slooten (Zoology) collected data on the NZ endemic dolphin, Hector's dolphin (Cephalorhynchus hectori) from the south coast of the South Island. Geovisualisation and spatial statistics were the primary tools used to analyse two years of monthly photographic data. Results indicated a preference for these southern dolphins to spend greater amounts of time in groups around freshwater outputs, and, for the first time, data from individuals suggested individuals congregate specifically in eastern and western portions of the study area.

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