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Quyen Nguyen image 2021BA, MBA(Minnesota), PhD(Otago).

School of Surveying Room 123

Climate & Energy Finance Group (CEFGroup)
STRAND Marsden Fund Project


Dr Quyen Nguyen is the STRAND Marsden Fund Project Postdoctoral Fellow (2021–2024) hosted at the Climate and Energy Finance Group (CEFGroup), Department of Accountancy and Finance, University of Otago.

She is the principal modeller for the STRAND Marsden Fund Project entitled "Should I stay or should I go? Climate-change risks to property values across space and time, and the related implications for financial stability".

Dr Nguyen is also working with EMMI on applying machine learning techniques to predict and forecast corporate carbon footprints.

Dr Nguyen completed her PhD Essays on Climate Finance Transition Risks (2018–2021) under the supervision of Associate Professor Ivan Diaz-Rainey and Dr Duminda Kuruppuarachchi.

Prior to moving into academia, Dr Nguyen worked in a number of finance, risk management and business analytics roles for Intel, Pfizer and a US healthcare start-up. Her current teaching and research interests are mainly in climate finance and data science.


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Moore, A., Nguyen, Q., Diaz-Rainey, I., Cox, S., Bodeker, G., & Thorsnes, P. E. (2022). Modelling the effect of climate change-related flooding hazards (CCRFH) on coastal residential property values. Proceedings of the New Zealand Geospatial Research Conference (NZGRC). Retrieved from

Nguyen, Q., Thorsnes, P. E., Diaz-Rainey, I., Moore, A., Cox, S., & Stirk-Wang, L. (2022). Price recovery after the flood: Risk to residential property values from climate change-related flooding. Australian Journal of Agricultural & Resource Economics, 66, 532-560. doi: 10.1111/1467-8489.12471

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