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Te Urungi, was created by Heramaahina Eketone (Ngāti Maniapoto, Waikato) especially for the Te Tumu 25th anniversary celebrations in 2015.

It represents the navigation of our waka through life's journeys. Each part represents different aspects of the waka or the voyage through our education and the navigation of our subsequent careers.

Te Urungi image

  1. Moon for navigation/direction/signature mark
  2. Taurapa (stern-post) of the waka
  3. Kākano: seed, beginning
  4. Manaia: protection
  5. Pākati pattern: whakapapa of the people
  6. Puhoro pattern: swiftness, speed, agility
  7. Rāwhara: sail of the waka (weaving)
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