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Professor James Higham

Office: Commerce 2.40
Tel: 64 3 479 8500

BackgroundProf. James Higham 2017

James Higham is a Professor at the University of Otago (New Zealand), Visiting Professor of Sustainable Tourism at the University of Stavanger (Norway) (2008-2018) and Jim Whyte Fellow, University of Queensland (Australia) (2016-2017).
With Professor Graham Miller (University of Surrey) he is co-editor of the Journal of Sustainable Tourism (published by Routledge Taylor and Francis, Oxford, UK):

Co-Editor of the Journal of Sustainable Tourism:

His research interests generally address tourism, sustainable development and environmental change, and the interplay of sport and tourism.

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Courses taught

Tour 101: Introduction to Tourism
Tour 216: Sport and Tourism
Tour 422: Tourism and environmental change

Research interests

James has two current streams of research interest. In 2009 he initiated a research programme titled ‘Climate change and long-haul aviation’ which has brought him into international research and publication collaborations with Dr. Scott Cohen (University of Surrey), Dr. Paul Peeters (NHTV Breda) and Prof. Stefan Gössling (Lund University), with whom he has co-hosted workshops on sustainable mobility in Freiburg (Germany) in July 2012, 2014 and 2016. His current ‘Academic Mobilities’ research programme was initiated in 2014 in collaboration with Dr. Debbie Hopkins (University of Oxford). His research on climate change and aviation has extended in recent years to collaborations with A/Prof. Martin Young, Prof. John Jenkins (Southern Cross University) and Dr. Francis Markham (ANU) (‘Transitions to low-emissions tourist transportation systems in Australia’), Dr. Gabrielle Walters and A/Prof. Lisa Ruhanen (University of Queensland) (‘Altering attitudes towards flying’), and A/Prof. Lisa Ellis and A/Prof. James Maclaurin (University of Otago) (‘The collective ethics of flying’). Latterly, in 2017, James has been working on a research project titled ‘Climate change and tourism in the Canadian Rocky Mountains (CRMs)’ with colleagues A/Prof. Liz Halpenny, Prof. Tom Hinch, Dr. Howie Harshaw and Dr. Zac Robinson at the University of Alberta (Canada).

In the wider field of tourism and environmental change James works in collaboration with Lars Bejder (Murdoch University) to address the sustainability of tourist interactions with cetaceans.

Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC) (24 July 2014): Whale Watching Tourism.

His second major field of research addresses the interplay of sport and tourism. His sport and tourism research collaboration with Prof. Tom Hinch (University of Alberta, Canada) dates to 1998. Their research interests address sport and spatial travel flows, sport and tourism seasonality, sport and authentic experiences, and globalization, sport and place. Most recently this collaboration has involved Dr. Brent Moyle (Griffith University). Together they recently guest edited a double special issue of the Journal of Sport & Tourism on ‘Sport and sustainable tourism destinations’, and an edited book by the same title. 

Find out more about James' research interests at the following links:

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Major works


Moyle, B.D., Hinch, T.D. & Higham, J.E.S. (2018). Sport and sustainable tourism destinations. London: Routledge (Routledge Special Issue Book Series).

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Journal Publications (selected publications; last 8 years)

Spector, S., Higham, J.E.S. & Doering, A. (2017). Beyond the biosphere: Tourism, outer space, and sustainability. Tourism Recreation Research, 42(3): 273-283.

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Book Chapters (last five years)

Hopkins, D. & Higham, J.E.S. (2018). Climate Change and Tourism: Mitigation and Global Climate Agreements In: Cooper, C., Gartner, B., Scott, N. & Volo, S. [Eds]. The Sage Handbook of Tourism Management, SAGE, London.

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Current PhD/post-doctoral supervision

Will Stovall. Public perceptions of climate change and tourist air travel.

Guojie Zhang. Tourist experiences at New Zealand ecosanctuaries.

Kamrul Hassan. Climate change and conservation in Bangladesh.

Jean Fletcher. Traveling to 2050: Stories of climate change.

Abbas Alizadeh. Tourism, wellbeing and sustainability.

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Completed PhD supervisions

Wiebke Finkler. Sustainable whale watching: A science communication approach.

Diana Kutzner. Climate change and wildlife tourism management.

Dr. Madda Fumagalli. Spinner dolphin (Stenella longirostris) in the Egyptian Red Sea.

Dr. Sam Spector. Ski resort environmental communciations

Dr. Debbie Hopkins. Climate change adaption in New Zealand ski industry

Dr. Christina Cavaliere. Cultivating climate consciousness (under examination).

Dr. Dave Lindquist. Kaikoura, Dusky dolphins and tourism.

Dr. Dzingai Nyahunzvi. Neoliberalism and national park management.

Dr. Carla Jellum. Antarctic tourism experiences.

Dr. Anna Palliser. Tourism and socio-ecological systems (under examination).

Dr. Rich Wright. Sport, tourism and identity: An Autoethnography.

Dr. Arainne Reis. Recreational conflict in outdoor recreation.

Dr. Scott Cohen. Finding self: Long term travellers.

Dr. Caroline Orchiston. Tourism and Seismic Risk.

Dr. Rob Mitchell. CSR in tourism.

Dr. Maurice Kane. Adventure narratives in New Zealand.

Dr. Åsa Grahn. Personal benefits of educational tour experiences.

Dr. Kay Booth. Public Access in New Zealand.

Dr. Anna Carr. Cultural landscapes and tourism.

Dr. David Lusseau. Tourism and bottlenose dolphins in Doubtful Sound.

Prof. Ghazali Musa. Public Health and tourism in high altitude destinations.

Prof. Michael Lűck. Environmental values in dolphin watching.

A/Prof. Brent Ritchie. Cycle tourism and regional development.

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More publications...