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Professor Neil Carr

Office: Commerce 2.43
Tel: 64 3 479 5048


Since obtaining his PhD in tourism geography from the University of Exeter in 1998, Neil has worked as a lecturer at the University of Hertfordshire (UK), a lecturer and senior lecturer at the University of Queensland (Australia), and a senior lecturer at the University of Otago (New Zealand). In 2009, he was promoted to Associate Professor at the University of Otago and in 2014 he took on the part time position of Associate Dean (postgraduate) in the Business School at the University of Otago. Since 2015 he has been the Head of Department of Tourism at the University of Otago. He has also, from 2013, been the editor of the Annals of Leisure Research.

Research interests

Neil’s research encompasses a variety of interests that utilise tourism and leisure experiences as a cross-disciplinary lens through which to view behaviour; with a particular emphasis on children and families, identity formation, risk, gender, animals (particularly, but not exclusively, dogs) and animal rights, zoos, freedom, and sex and the sexual. As such my research is firmly situated within a social science/humanities framework but at the same time clearly links into the applied reality of tourism and leisure as both social phenomena, areas of academic research, and global industries.

Journal editor/associate editor

Annals of Leisure Research

PHENex/phenEPS (Physical & Health Education Academic Journal)

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Current PhD supervision

Ismail Shaheer. “The impact of tourism boycotts on destination image.”

Kevin Bigham. “An Ethnography of Urban Exploration: Unpacking its Social Spaces and Understanding its Communities”.

Maureen Ukaegbu. “Heritage tourism and authenticity in the middle belt region of Nigeria.”

Sandeep Basnyat. “Post-Conflict Violence And Tourism: The Nepalese Experience”

Samuel Spector. “Ski resort environmental communications and the shaping of environmental awareness”

Felix Bello. “Socio-cultural impacts of tourism development and community planning in developing countries: The case of Malawi”

Gabriella Nagy. “Institutionalisation of tourism services: Hop on, hop off services and their influence on the tourism industry”

Fernando Oyarzun Lillo. “Comparative Analysis of Public Policies for Development and Competitiveness of Special Interest Tourism: New Zealand and Chile”

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Past PhD supervision

Neil Walsh. “The relationship between the guidebook, backpacker-culture and place in New Zealand.” PhD awarded March, 2014

Norhanim Abdul Razak. “Tourism and mythology.” PhD awarded May, 2013

Sandro Carnicelli. “Emotional Labor: Pleasure and fear at work for Whitewater Rafting guides.” PhD awarded June, 2011

Julie Tate-Libby. “Tourism and commoditisation of religion.” PhD awarded September, 2010

Andrea Valentin. “Role of personal political values in tourism destination decision making process.” PhD awarded April, 2010

Paolo Mura. “Tourists’ perception of fear.” PhD awarded July, 2009

Scott Cohen. “Long term travellers in search of ‘self’.” PhD awarded July, 2009

Daniela Schilcher. “Influence of super-national organisations on national tourism development policies in the South Pacific.” PhD awarded March, 2008.

Supatcharajit Jitpraphai. “Gambling tourism in Thailand.” PhD awarded, March, 2008.

Filipo Tokalau. “Assessing the impact of communal use of land on tourism development in Fiji.” PhD awarded January, 2008

Chompunch Jittithavorn. “Cross border international tourism marketing in Southeast Asia.” PhD awarded July, 2007.

Therdchai Choibamroog. “Civil society as a strategic factor in collaborative tourism planning for sustainable tourism development in Thailand.” Awarded May, 2003.

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Past Masters supervision

Li, Zhi, "A Study into International University Students as Tourists in New Zealand", 2011-

Lau, Sze-En, "Ecotourism and Learning", 2011-

Emma Lowe "Novel destinations: Dunedin, city of literature?", 2009-

James Jesudhass "Couchsurfing beyond Borders: A Qualitative Study on Couchsurfing Members and Their Practice in Hanoi, Vietnam", 2008 - 2011

Simone Eisenhauer "Sports Events and Risk Management in New Zealand: How Safe is Safe Enough?", 2004 – 2005.

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Sroypetch, S., Caldicott, R. W., & Carr, N. (2018). Visitor and non-visitor images of Thailand as a backpacking destination: An Australian perspective. Anatolia. Advance online publication. doi: 10.1080/13032917.2018.1429284

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