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Hazel joined the Department in January 2000. She has a PhD in Social Anthropology from the University of Durham, UK. Hazel's PhD was an ethnographic study of tourism and social change in Goreme, a cultural tourism destination and World Heritage Site in central Turkey. Along with a number of published articles in refereed journals and books, Hazel is author of Living With Tourism: Negotiating Identity in a Turkish Village (Routledge 2003), and co-editor of Tourism and Postcolonialism (Routledge 2004) and Commercial Homes in Tourism (Routledge (2009).

Hazel holds a Visiting Professorship at Napier University, Edinburgh, and is Co-President of the International Sociological Association Research Committee 50: International Tourism (2018-22) as well as Associate Member of Equality in Tourism and the Critical Tourism Studies Asia Pacific Consortium. Hazel serves as an Associate Editor for Annals of Tourism Research and is an editorial board member of 10 other journals. Hazel is also a steering committee member of the University of Otago's “Performance of the Real” interdisciplinary research theme.

Hazel's main research objective lies in the advancement of critical interpretative methodologies and theory regarding tourism's influence on socio-cultural identities, relationships and change. Since her doctoral research, she has continued to track tourism development and change in the Cappadocia region of central Turkey, focusing particularly on entrepreneurial and destination developments, gender and tourism work, heritage representation and tourism and emotion.

Hazel received a 2021 Ako Aotearoa Award for Sustained Excellence in Tertiary Teaching.

Research groups

Middle East and Islamic Studies Aotearoa (MEISA)

Major works

Tucker, H. 2003. Living With Tourism: Negotiating Identities in a Turkish Village, London: Routledge.

Hall, M. (C) and Tucker, H. (Eds.), 2004. Tourism and Postcolonialism, London: Routledge.

Lynch, P. (C), McIntosh, A., and Tucker, H. (C) (Eds.), 2009. Commercial Homes in Tourism: An International Perspective. London: Routledge.

PhD and Master's supervision: Current

PhD: Xi Zhu. The Role of Tour Guides in Chinese Tourists' Tour Experience in New Zealand.

PhD: Yunzhen Zhang. Understanding and assessing tourists' awe in different tourism settings.

PhD: Animesh Tripathi. The rise of Asian/Indian lifestyle travellers.

PhD and Master's supervision: Completed

PhD: Easnin Ara. An Investigation into the Relationship between Ethnic Tourism and the Tradition of Ethnic Handicrafts in Rural Bangladesh.

PhD: Gebeyaw Degarege. Community Based Ecotourism and Rural Livelihoods in Ethiopia: Exploring the Patterns, Impacts and Implication.

PhD: Stuart Hayes. Tourism Education: A Critical Analysis.

PhD: Liang Jiang. The characteristics of Chinese free independent travellers, a case study of New Zealand.

PhD: Jingru Zhang. Non-local owners in ethnic tourism community in China.

PhD: Hongrui Zhu. Tourist behaviours of Chinese backpackers and their influences on tourism industry in New Zealand.

PhD: Maureen Ukaegbu. Heritage, tourism and authenticity in the middle belt region of Nigeria.

PhD: Alyse Foster. Dark Tourism: Guiding Performances and Emotion.

PhD: Jundan (Jasmine) Zhang. Dualistic conundrums in ethnic tourism: The role of the ecological thought.

PhD: Neil Walsh. The relationship between Backpacking, Guidebooks and Practice.

PhD: Adam Doering. Negotiating “Home” in Rural Japan.

PhD: Fateme Etemaddar. Mobility, Gender and Culture.

PhD: Kelly Whitney-Squire. The Role of Language in Sustainable Community-based Aboriginal Tourism Development.

PhD: Fiona Bakas. Handicraft Tourism, Gender and Sustainability.

PhD: Eric Shelton. Expedition cruising in Solander: An application of ecology without nature (2012).

PhD: Brenda Boonabaana. Community-based tourism development and gender relations in Uganda (2012).

PhD: Maria Amoamo. Decolonising Māori Tourism: “Representation and Identity” (2008).

PhD: Maurice Kane. New Zealand's Adventure Culture: In Hillary's Steps (2008).

PhD: Dirk Reiser. Connecting and Changing Places: Globalisation and Tourism Mobility on the Otago Peninsula, Dunedin, New Zealand (2008).

PhD: Gregory Szarycz. Cruising with Containers: A Qualitative Investigation of the Lived Experience of Passenger Freighter Travel (2007).

PhD: Michael Lueck. Environmental Values and On-Site Experiences of Tourists on Wildlife Watch Tours in New Zealand: A Study of Visitors Watching and/or Swimming With Dolphins. (2003).

Masters: Adam Doering. “Don't Just Visit It. Live It!” A Descriptive Study of Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme Participants' Experiences in Miyazaki Prefecture (2007).

Masters: Maurice Kane. Adventure Tourism: The Freedom to Play with Reality (2003).

Masters: Jennifer Johnson. Exploring Experiences of Authenticity at Heritage Tourist Sites in New Zealand (2003).

Masters: Shiva Sharan Thapa., Monitoring and Evaluation of Community-Based Tourism Projects in Nepal (2003).

Masters: Duncan Cambray. Literary Myths of New Zealand: A Comparative Analysis of German Travel Journals on New Zealand, 1777-1889 and 1995-2000 (2002).

Masters: S. Sikha. “Pilgrimmage tourism at a religious site in India”


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Hayes, S., & Tucker, H. (2022, November). Lessons learned from emergency 'hybrid' teaching curing Covid-19. Verbal presentation at the COVID-19’s Impact on Teaching and Learning at the University of Otago: Lessons Learned Symposium, Dunedin, New Zealand. Conference Contribution - Verbal presentation and other Conference outputs

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