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This document outlines guidelines to manage Pathway and English Language Centre students' attendance in order to promote academic success and wellbeing of students.

Organisational scope

These guidelines apply to all Pathway and Language Centre students regardless of study options.


Pathway and English Language Centre programmes
This includes any programmes offered by Pathway and the English Language Centre e.g., General English, English for Otago, Bridging Programme, and Pathway programmes.
Study options
This includes on campus and online study options.
Teaching sessions
This includes lectures, labs, tutorials, internal assessments, and field trips.
Approved system
This refers to the system where attendance record is entered. Currently teaching staff are expected to enter attendance information in ebs: onTrack.
Third parties
This includes scholarship providers, parents/legal guardian/caregiver of under 18 international students.


General principles

  • Attendance is recorded in all classes regardless of study options.
  • Attendance expectations are clearly communicated in paper outlines and to students at the start of programmes.
  • A student who has not attended class is expected to 'catch-up' by themselves; teachers will not re-teach work in subsequent classes or consultations.
  • Student attendance is monitored on a weekly basis by the Student Advisors.
  • Any non-attendance in internal assessments or examinations will be dealt with under the Assessment policy if applicable.

Record of Attendance

  • Teaching staff record attendance at all teaching sessions.
  • Attendance records in the approved system are kept up-to-date daily.
  • Attendance for English Language Centre programmes is shown for the period being reported on in all academic reports and for the total period of study on the Leaving Certificate issued at the completion of study.

Monitoring attendance

  • Attendance information is monitored on a weekly basis.
  • Note that while fully observing the requirements of the Privacy Act 2020, the attendance information may be released to third parties when requested or as set out in the agreement or MOU or as seen appropriate.
  • Attendance information is shared with Student Advisers and Student Support Leader.

Pastoral care support

  • When a non-attendance behavioural pattern is established, Student Advisers contact students to ensure their wellbeing.
  • Student Advisers provide advice and direct the student to available support services as seen appropriate.

Academic support

  • When a non-attendance behaviour may, at the discretion of the Student Support Leader, have a severe negative impact on academic progress, the Student Support Leader invites students to have a face-to-face meeting.
  • The meeting is to discuss the student's academic progress and where appropriate the Student Support Leader may review and/or advise the study plan.

Related policies, procedures, and forms

Contact for further information

If you have any queries regarding the content of these guidelines or need further clarification, please contact:

Student Support Leader

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