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Organisational scope

The University of Otago Bridging Programme. This policy applies in addition to the University of Otago Fees Guide.

Payment of fees

Students who apply for the University of Otago Bridging Programme may be provided with a Letter of Offer which includes details of the programme, fees payable, and other important information.

  1. All fees are charged in New Zealand dollars and will be rounded up to the nearest dollar.
  2. Fees are inclusive of GST.
  3. Fees specified in a Letter of Offer must be paid in full OR evidence of a financial guarantee must be provided prior to the commencement of study.
  4. In special circumstances the Director Pathway may, at their discretion, approve a late payment of fees.

Fee protection policy

An individual fee account is maintained for each enrolled student. If the University is not able to offer the programme indicated on the student's Letter of Offer and / or ceases to be a signatory or provider under the Education (Pastoral Care of Tertiary and International Learners) Code of Practice 2021, all funds will be refunded to the student.

Method of payment

Information on how to pay your fees can be accessed on the University of Otago Website:

How to pay your fees

How to obtain a fees receipt

A fees receipt can be obtained by emailing:


Tuition fee receipts cannot be issued until the payment has been received into the University of Otago bank account. Due to this, payment is encouraged well in advance of the student visa application deadline to allow the Revenue Management Office to supply a receipt.


Students may apply to transfer to a different programme.

A transfer is subject to availability of the programme, payment of full fees, the student meeting the programme requirements and any other conditions specified by the University of Otago.

When a student transfers to any programme at the University of Otago, the unused tuition fee and student services fee can be used towards the new enrolment. These fees will not be refunded. Any increased fees associated with the transfer will apply.

Withdrawal before course commencement

If the University of Otago withdraws a Letter of Offer or is unable to provide the course, all paid fees will be fully refunded.

If, however, an offer is withdrawn because of incorrect or incomplete information supplied by the student, the University of Otago reserves the right to retain up to 10 per cent of the course fees.

If a student deletes in full and has completed the Course Declaration process, tuition fees paid will be refunded in full, less a Tuition Refund Fee of NZ$100.00.

Withdrawal after course commencement

The deadline for withdrawing from a course is 10 working days after the first day of classes.

A student who is enrolled in Bridging Programme but wishes to withdraw from the programme must submit a notice of withdrawal in writing by the above deadline. They will be entitled to a full refund of fees, less a Tuition Refund Fee of NZ$100.00

A student who submits a notice of withdrawal after the above deadline may receive up to a 50 per cent refund of tuition fees in exceptional circumstances only (sundry and administration fees are non-refundable).

If the exceptional circumstance application is approved, withdrawal will normally be actioned from the date the application was received. Further information on withdrawal due to exceptional circumstances can be found on the University of Otago website:

Withdrawal under exceptional circumstances

A student who has provided all required documentation in support of their visa application but is declined a visa by Immigration New Zealand is entitled to a refund of the unused portion of the tuition and student services fees.

Refund of fees

  • Refunds are only paid if the student's account is in credit at the time of the refund application.
  • All refund payments will incur the Refund Fee of $100.00
  • Refunds are made in NZ$. The University of Otago is not responsible for any changes in the value of currencies or for students' bank fees.

Fee enquiries

For further information about fees, contact:

Revenue Management Office
University of Otago
PO Box 56
Dunedin 9054
New Zealand
Tel +64 3 479 9006
Fax +64 3 479 9035

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