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Organisational scope

Any person using Homestay services.


  1. The minimum period of booking is:
    1. Eight weeks for English Language Centre students (or the duration of their course if enrolled for less than 8 weeks).
    2. Four weeks for Pathway students and other University of Otago students.
  2. The Director, Campus and Collegiate Life has discretion to allow variations to booking lengths.
  3. There is no minimum period for extensions.
  4. Any changes to bookings made by a student or Host (e.g. to length of booking, food preferences, or unexpected circumstances) require a written application and 7 nights' prior notice. Where any changes are proposed by the student, the 7 nights' notice period is to be paid to the host.
  5. Confirmation of your final night booking must be provided in writing to the Homestay office 7 nights prior to your last night.

Payment of Homestay fees

  1. All Homestay fees must be paid in advance and by the date specified on the Homestay Booking Form.
  2. Students who pay estimated Homestay fees before the fees for that year are set, must pay the difference for any increase in Homestay fees, when the fees for that year have been determined, from 1 January of that year.
  3. A Placement Fee of $399 is charged to match a student with a Host. This is only paid once, and if a student moves Hosts or extends their stay, they are not charged another Placement Fee.
  4. Placement will normally commence once fees are received. However, in exceptional circumstances, the Director, Campus & Collegiate Life has the discretion to allow placement prior to receiving payment. Examples of exceptional circumstances are:
    1. Delay due to international banking issues
    2. Emergency in accommodation
    3. Large group bookings
  5. Extensions to bookings will incur the Extension Fee of $30.
  6. A late penalty of 10 per cent of the invoiced amount will be charged on all extensions that are not paid within 7 days of the date on the invoice.

Cancellations and changes to bookings

  1. The Placement Fee and any extension fees are non-refundable.
  2. If a student cancels a Homestay booking prior to their start date, they will receive a credit of the accommodation fees paid minus the Placement fee.
  3. All changes to bookings require 7 nights notice that will be paid to the Host.
  4. If a student has commenced Homestay and cancels their accommodation during the minimum booking period, they will receive a credit for any unused nights after the minimum booking period has ended.
  5. If a student has commenced Homestay and cancels their accommodation after the minimum booking period, they will receive a credit for any unused nights.
  6. If a student is accepted into a University of Otago Residential College they will receive a credit on any unused nights, less the Homestay Placement Fee (if paid). This credit is to be transferred to the Residential College and is not available for refund.

Refund applications

  1. All refund payments will incur the Refund Fee of $100.

Contact for further information

If you have any queries regarding the content of these procedures or need further clarification, contact:

Homestay Manager

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