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This programme is designed specifically for off-shore international students, and provides an opportunity for students to improve their English skills, whilst also learning about New Zealand culture and customs.

New Zealand Culture and Customs enables you to gain a real New Zealand or 'Kiwi' experience while studying online from your home country, to better prepare you for life in New Zealand when you can join us.

Programme overview

20 hours per week, including:

  • 15 hours of General English study
  • 5 hours study focusing on New Zealand culture and history

The daily timetable will be in the afternoons (New Zealand time) with the proposed schedule of:

  • 1-2pm: New Zealand culture sessions
  • 3-6pm: General English classes

Note: the timetable can be adjusted to accommodate different time zones.

Minimum enrolment: 4 weeks

Eligible students

Only institutions or groups are eligible to apply for this programme.


General English and New Zealand Culture and Customs full programme: $399 per week.

General English (15 hours per week): $349.

Culture and Customs component only: $189 per week.

Further information or how to apply

Contact for all enquiries.

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