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Please note: When Anna and Beyning were studying with us, the Pathways programme was called 'Foundation Year'.

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Home country: Malaysia, Programme: Foundation Year

Anna and Beyning are both from Johor Bahru in Malaysia. Anna was a full-time dance teacher's assistant and Beyning was preparing hard for her IELTS exam before they both came to Dunedin for Foundation Year.

They are both musical and play the piano and viola respectively. Anna will continue on to the University of Otago when she finishes at Foundation Year to study Physical Education and Beyning will study nutrition. She hopes to improve the way people eat and even influence her Dad who owns a snack company in Malaysia!

They chose Otago because of its great study environment – there are fantastic facilities here and a general atmosphere of concentrated learning. Dunedin itself is very peaceful and beautiful which helps to calm the mind and there are plenty of opportunities for staying healthy such as the huge gym complex connected to our building and the wide variety of outdoor activities on offer. One special feature of the Foundation Year building is the classroom window which looks in to NZ's premiere stadium – it's our own corporate box! Dunedin is also a very safe city which made Anna's Dad happy.

During their time studying here at UOCLFY they have felt the programme is very practical and is preparing them well for university. Their teachers are very organised and are guiding them step-by-step towards their exams, but still managing to have fun at the same time!

The study/life balance has been important for both of them and they are really happy with the activities programme UOLCFY provides. They both attended a school camp recently in beautiful Ohau where they really enjoyed mountain biking and being part of a great team.

Both Anna and Beyning live in Homestay accommodation with Kiwi families. They said their host families have made them feel like they are part of the family. The food has been great and they are learning a lot about New Zealand culture. Living in Homestay has really helped them focus on their studies and avoid feelings of homesickness. Both their parents are very happy they are in a safe, caring and productive environment.

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