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The 2016 Awards ceremony was held on Friday 18 November in the Nordmeyer Lecture Theatre.

Photographs taken on the night can be viewed at the following link:

A list of all the 2016 prize winners can be viewed below:

Name of prize Winners
NZIMRT Top Academic Student - Year I Benjamin Shu Lynch
NZIMRT Top Academic Student - Year II Siobhan Anna Mcllroy Barnes
NZIMRT Top Academic Student - Year III Kendall Anne Scott
Academic Award - Year I Monica Jane Archibald
Academic Award - Year II Kate Gemma Shearer
Academic Award - Year III Rebecca Ann Mackie
Varian Prize for Top Planning Student - Year III Kendall Anne Scott
Angela Allen Travelling Scholarship Kendall Anne Scott
Cancer Society Merit Award for Consistent Effort and Achievement Alexandra Rose Fleming
Peter Rangi William Parker
AlpaXRT Award for Top Clinical Student - Year III Paige Aston Atkins

MB ChB - 4th year
Charles Hastings Prize Olivia Nicholson
The Wellington Faculty (RNZCGP) Prize for Excellence in General Practice in the 4th year Lily Boothman-Burrell
Ian Prior Prize in Public Health for Excellence in Public Health in 4th year Anna Barry
Laennec Prize Caitlin Carter
ANZSGM Prize for 'Care for Elderly' Hermaleigh Townsley
Pasifika Medical & Allied Health Prize Anna Barry
New Zealand College of Public Health Medicine Fourth Year Medical Student Public Health Project Prize Philip Allan, Harriet Baxter, Kathleen Brown, Fiona Chan, Luke Donaldson, James Gilling, Ryan Hill, Charles Robert Jaine, Florence Lim, Rebecca Lyons, Kyriakos Matsis, Olivia Nicholson, Chloe Palmer, Ron Puni, Mitchell Rose, Robina Stevens, Jack Tapsell, Michael Yip

MB ChB - 5th Year
J.O. Mercer Memorial Prize in Pathology Shaun Collings
Nordmeyer Memorial Award for Professional Development in the 4th and 5th years Kieran Bunn
Fowler Scholarship Josh Smith
Order of St Lazarus Prize in Dermatology Merrin Rutherford
E G McQueen Prize in Clinical Pharmacology Imogen Whyte
Guy Hallwright Prize for Clinical Cardiology Josh Smith
Tweed/Treadwell Prize in Rheumatology for Excellence in Rheumatology Rosalind Poulgrain
Margaret Lewis Prize in Paediatrics Kieran Bunn
Tim Foster
O & G Prize for a Top Student in the 5th year Georgia Brownlee
Hauora Māori 5th year Student Prize Katie Scorringe

MB ChB - 6th year
Kenneth Pacey Prize for Excellence in O & G Claire Munro
The Wellington Faculty (RNZCGP) Prize for Excellence in General Practice in the 6th year Philip Dabrowski
The Wellington Faculty (RNZCGP) Prize for Professionalism in General Practice in the 6th year Sara Trafford
The Royal Australian & New Zealand College of O & G prize for the the student who is the proxime accessit in the assessments in the subjects of O&G held in conjunction with the final year examinations for the Degrees of Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery Claire Munro
David Whyte for Excellence in Clinical Surgery Sophie Kyrke-Smith
College of Psychiatrists' Prize supported by the Dawn Short Trust for Excellence in Psychiatry in the 6th year Radhika Palepu
Graham Francis Hall Prize for Overall Excellence in the 3 clinical years Claire Munro
H J Weston Prize Harriet Weststrate
James Roberts Boyd Prize in Clinical Medicine Anita Chandler

PHD Research Prize : Social Sciences/Public Health Amanda D'Souza
PhD Research Prize : Clinical Research Fiona Mathieson
PhD Research Prize: Basic Science Connie Gilfillan
Prize for Excellence in HASC417 Tui Smith
Population Health Award Mereana Latimer
The Vera Keefe-Ormsby Prize Jeannine Stairmaind
Postgraduate Certificate in CBT Prize for Excellence in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Janine Dixon
Postgraduate Certificate in CBT prize for High Achievement in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Renee Berry
Michael Daly
Pasifika Postgraduate Award Emma Dunlop-Bennett

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