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** Please note: This trial is no longer recruiting new participants **

What is INHALE?

INHALE-photo-cafe-can-on-tableINHALE is a unique way of delivering nicotine into the body FAST; just as fast as a cigarette but without the dangerous chemicals. This makes it as enjoyable and rewarding as a cigarette but safe. The inhaler will immediately satisfy your craving.

How does this study help you quit smoking?


  • This study is for 7 months and everything is FREE including parking if you need it.
  • The INHALE canister looks just like an asthma inhaler. You can use it as often as you like for 6 months and nicotine patches daily for 5 months. Everyone on this study gets active nicotine patches, half the people get an active nicotine inhaler, and half get a placebo (no nicotine) inhaler. This enables us to quantify how much more effective the active inhaler is compared to the placebo. We think it will be a lot better - help us find out. If the active inhaler proves successful it will be manufactured on a large scale and available to all smokers thus making a massive difference to those wanting to quit smoking. Be part of this exciting discovery!
  • You don't have to quit smoking immediately. You get to reduce your smoking during the first four weeks of the study while using INHALE and the patches. That gives you time to get used to using INHALE and the patches, and get skilled at not smoking some cigarettes, before you stop smoking all of them.
  • We don't expect you to do this alone. You get six one-on-one, in-depth supportive sessions with a smoking cessation coach, two of which are face-to-face and four via the phone. The first visit is when you start the study, and the last visit is at 1 month after your target quit date (which is 2 months after your first visit). We also phone you one week after your first visit, one day after your target quit date, and at 3 and 6 months after your target quit date.

Watch how to enjoy your inhaler


Watch this video
to see how to get the most out of your inhaler.

Need to request another inhaler?

If you need to replace your inhaler please email us at to request further supplies.

Our Changing World - Nicotine Replacement Inhaler - Radio New Zealand National

Amelia Nurse talks to Brent Caldwell, Senior Research Fellow at Otago University, who is currently carrying out trials.

Duration:  11′ 01″ 

Further information about how you can enjoy this inhaler

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