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BA MA (Applied) PhDResearch Fellow (Suicide and Mental Health Research Group; and Department of Psychological Medicine)


Contact details

Tel +64 4 806 1486

Research interests and activities

Mental health research with an emphasis on issues affecting people with experience of mental illness for example: recovery; suicide; stigma; discrimination; consumer involvement; employment; quality of services. My own experience of mental illness informs my research practice.


Cunningham, R., Imlach, F., Every-Palmer, S., Haitana, T., & Peterson, D. (2023). Dealing with discrimination in physical health care services: Strategies of people with mental health and substance use conditions. Journal of Patient Experience. Advance online publication. doi: 10.1177/23743735231211778

Cunningham, R., Imlach, F., Haitana, T., Every-Palmer, S., Lacey, C., Lockett, H., & Peterson, D. (2023). It’s not in my head: A qualitative analysis of experiences of discrimination in people with mental health and substance use conditions seeking physical healthcare. Frontiers in Psychiatry, 14, 1285431. doi: 10.3389/fpsyt.2023.1285431

Cunningham, R., Imlach, F., Lockett, H., Lacey, C., Haitana, T., Every-Palmer, S., Clark, M. T. R., & Peterson, D. (2023). Do patients with mental health and substance use conditions experience discrimination and diagnostic overshadowing in primary care in Aotearoa New Zealand? Results from a national online survey. Journal of Primary Health Care, 15(2), 112-121. doi: 10.1071/HC23015

Lian, A., Carr, G., Peterson, D., Jenkin, G., Lockett, H., Every-Palmer, S., & Cunningham, R. (2023). Still in the shadows: A national study of acute mental health unit location across New Zealand hospitals. BMC Health Services Research, 23, 21. doi: 10.1186/s12913-022-09004-z

Cooper, A., Jenkin, G., Morton, E., Peterson, D., & McKenzie, S. K. (2023). ‘We have to band together’: Service user experiences of naturally occurring peer support on the acute mental health unit. Kōtuitui, 18(2), 118-134. doi: 10.1080/1177083X.2022.2093230

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