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MidCentral District Health Board IPE

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MidCentral DHB offers an IPE initiative with a focus on cancer care and life-limiting illness. The initiative includes dietetics, medicine, pharmacy, physiotherapy and radiotherapy students from University of Otago and nursing, clinical psychology and social work students from Massey University. It runs over a week, with an initial workshop, small interprofessional groups interviewing patients receiving care, and then each small group forming and delivering a presentation to the whole class.

Hawkes Bay District Health Board

Hawke's Bay DHB offers an IPE team-builder activity twice a year, and hospital and community IPE initiatives several times a year, for medicine and physiotherapy students from Otago University, nursing students from EIT, as well as other students from nearby training organisations. The team-builder activity involves small interprofessional group activities for students new to the hospital campus. The other IPE initiatives involve students in small interprofessional groups interacting with patients either in the hospital or in the community. In their groups, they then discuss the patients' experience and feedback their observations and reflections to the IPE teachers and other students.

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