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Sue Bibby image (2023)Senior Research FellowDepartment of Primary Healthcare and General Practice

Dr Sue Bibby is a postdoctoral researcher and general practitioner. She joined the Department of Primary Healthcare and General Practice in 2021, spending a year as a Senior Lecturer before moving to a Senior Research Fellow role to focus on her research interests, which primarily involve respiratory diseases.

Current projects include collaboration with the SHIVERS-V FluLab programme at University of Auckland on the impact of personal and society-wide measures on transmission and burden of various respiratory diseases in Aotearoa. She is a member of the Applied Research on Communication in Health (ARCH) Group.

Her previous research roles include Senior Research Fellow at the Medical Research Institute of New Zealand (where she also focused on respiratory diseases), and DPhil candidate at the department of Physiology, University of Oxford.

Dr Bibby also works clinically at Newtown Medical Centre. Outside of work she enjoys paddle boarding, sailing, mountain biking, and playing football, preferably with her whanau.


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