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A postgraduate research opportunity at the University of Otago.


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Business, Health Sciences, Humanities, Sciences
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Master's, PhD
Public Health (Wellington)
Professor Richard Edwards, Mr Anaru Waa, Professor Janet Hoek


This project is one of multiple opportunities within the New Zealand ITC/EASE study

This cohort study of smokers and recent quitters will shortly be collecting its third wave of data from around 1,000 participants, including around 350 Māori participants in the first two waves. Future waves aim to have equal numbers of Māori and Pacific and non-Māori non-Pacific participants.

This particular proposal is to use the first 3 waves of the ITC data to explore the meaning of of denormalisation and to quantify the degree to which smokers in New Zealand experience denormalisation of smoking and smokers, and the impacts of this on their smoking-related behaviours and attitudes.

It could be complemented by qualitative work to explore some of the key quantitative findings in-depth and provide more details insights into the impact existing measures have on realisation of the 2025 goal, particularly for Māori and Pacific peoples. Alternatively, additional cross-country comparisons could explore how NZ smokers' experiences vary compared to other countries (25+) included in the international ITC project or perhaps more explicitly other countries that do not have endgame goals?.

We have very detailed data on smoking-related attitudes, beliefs and behaviours and their determinants. So this project is one of multiple possibilities for Masters or PhD projects involving ITC/EASE data. We would be happy to discuss other possibilities.

This is one of many opportunities within the ASPIRE 2025 research programme. We carry out multi-disciplinary research to support the achievement of the Smokefree Aotearoa 2025 goal, with a focus on research that informs the development and evaluation of healthy public policies such as smokefree laws, standardised (plain) packaging and restrictions on the retail availability of smoked tobacco products.


Richard Edwards
Tel +1 519 778 6723

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