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Maori are more likely to be diagnosed with cancer, and once diagnosed are more likely to die from cancer. One of the challenges facing clinicians and health services is how to identify, reduce or even eliminate such inequities in cancer-related outcomes. Our work in this area was the first to identify reasons for stark and consistent disparities in cancer survival between Māori and non-Māori. It has had a substantial impact on policy and practice in NZ. Continuing work in this area focuses on specific cancer types including stomach, rectal and liver cancers.

Kei te nui ake te tinga tērā ka kitea te mate pukupuku i te tangata Māori, ā, ina kitea, kei te nui ake te tinga ka mate rātau i te mate pukupuku. Ko tētahi o ngā wero mō ngā kaimahi haumanu me ngā ratonga hauora, ko te rapu me pēhea e tautohu ai, e whakaiti ai, e aukati atu ai i ngā ōritenga kore i ngā tatauranga nei mō te mate pukupuku. Ko tā mātau mahi te kaupapa tuatahi i tautohu i ngā pūtake o ngā tino ōritenga kore e mau roa nei, arā mō te ora i te mate pukupuku ki waenga i a Ngāi Māori me tauiwi. Kua tino whai take tēnei mahi ki ngā kaupapahere me ngā mahi haumaru i Aotearoa. Kei te haere tonu ngā mahi e hāngai ana ki ngā momo mate pukupuku, arā mō te puku, mō te kumu, mō te ate hoki.

Key activities

  • We are conducting (and have conducted) multiple research projects focussing on describing poor cancer outcomes for Māori, understanding their drivers, and then advocating for change. Our projects are detailed further below.
  • Members of our C3 team are members of multiple boards and working groups who are directly involved in driving policy change, including:
    • Hei Āhuru Mōwai (National Māori Cancer Leadership Group)
    • Multiple Te Aho o Te Kahu – Cancer Control Agency committees and working groups
    • Cancer Society of New Zealand (both Auckland/Northland and Wellington boards)
  • We continue to publish extensively in the area of cancer outcomes for Māori (see Key publications below).


Related projects

Key publications

Book chapters

Dew, K., Cunningham, C., Davies, C., Tavite, H., Stairmand, J., Sarfati, D. & Signal, L. (2017) Maori centred research and ethnomethodology: Cancer inequities and research by and for indigenous peoples. SAGE Research Methods Cases. Sage: London.

Journal articles

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Professor Diana Sarfati. Inaugural Professorial Lecture: Uneven playing fields: Cancer care and outcomes

Associate Professor Diana Sarfati: Ethnic Inequalities in Cancer Outcomes in New Zealand

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