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Associate Professor Diana Sarfati: Ethnic Inequalities in Cancer Outcomes in New Zealand (watch here).

Dr Jason Gurney: The Use of Routine Healthcare Data in New Zealand (watch here).

C3 (Quantitative) Study Symposium

In April 2014, the Cancer Control and Screening Research Group convened a final symposium for the C3 (Quantitative) study. The purpose of this symposium was to share the findings of the C3 (Quantitative) study, update progress on the C3 (Qualitative) study, and engage with stakeholders in a discussion about interventions that could result from our work. Each presentation can be viewed below via YouTube links, and slides are also provided in PDF form.

Cancer, Care and Comorbidity

Associate Professor Diana Sarfati presents background information about the intersection between cancer and comorbidity, and summarises the purpose and methods of the 'C3' group of studies. She then discusses the measurement of comorbidity in cancer populations.

YouTube link
PDF of slides

C3 (Quantitative) study: Key Findings from the Routinely-Collected Data

Dr Jason Gurney presents the key findings from the routinely-collected data component of the C3 (Quantitative) study.

YouTube link
PDF of slides

C3 (Quantitative) study: Key Findings from the Notes Review Data

Associate Professor Diana Sarfati, Dr Ruth Cunningham and Virginia Signal present the key findings from the rectal, liver and stomach cancer notes review data respectively.

YouTube link
PDF of slides

C3 (Qualitative) study: Update on Progress

Associate Professor Louise Signal updates progress on the C3 (Qualitative) study.

YouTube link
PDF of slides

Self-Management Support in the Secondary Care Setting

Inga O'Brien discusses the usefulness of self-management support in the cancer setting, and presents some of her current PhD work in this area.

YouTube link
PDF of slides

C3 studies: Where to from here?

Associate Professor Diana Sarfati sums-up the symposium with a summary of the day's presentations, plus a brief discussion about future directions.

YouTube link
PDF of slides

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