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Anthropogenic change, in particular to land cover and biodiversity, combined with urban growth and international travel, is creating new ecological scenarios for nuisance organisms and pathogens. Predicted shifts in climate will add to this. 'Ecology & Health' perspectives are concerned with land use and disease organisms and their reservoirs and vectors, and with native biodiversity and 'ecological health' especially in temperate-climate regions.

Cross-disciplinary approaches are essential to link ecological scenarios with local and global concerns of human health, population, climate and environmental sustainability.

Our people

University of Otago, Wellington


  • Simon Hales - climate change, temperature & rainfall, vulnerable populations
  • Amy Snell-Wakefield - mosquito ecology
  • Enrique Mundaca - Universidad del Maule, Chile - bioindicator insects, larval ecology of mosquitoes, urban ecology
  • Flavia Prospero - urban open space, outdoor activity & health benefits
  • Aparna Lal – ecological change & burden of disease

Ecology and Health
Department of Public Health
University of Otago, Wellington
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