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Simon hales photoBA MB BChir (Cambridge) MPH PhD (Otago)Research Professor; HEIRU

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Research interests and activities

Simon is an environmental epidemiologist with an interest in the atmospheric environment and global issues.

Simon's current projects include:

  • empirical modelling of air pollution and health
  • assessing health aspects of vulnerability and adaptation to climate change
  • estimating the global burden of disease attributable to climate change
  • empirical modelling of communicable disease in relation to climate
  • health co benefits of climate change mitigation


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Huang, W., Li, S., Vogt, T., Xu, R., Tong, S., Molina, T., … Hales, S., … Guo, Y. (2023). Global short-term mortality risk and burden associated with tropical cyclones from 1980 to 2019: A multi-country time-series study. Lancet Planetary Health, 7(8). doi: 10.1016/s2542-5196(23)00143-2

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