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This page shows the Medline-indexed publications arising from our fourth year medical student projects during the five-week public health module which contributes to their University of Otago medical degree.

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The list is from 2004 onwards and is organised by topic.

A publication summarising this approach to public health training has been published: “Wilson N, Peace J, Edwards R. Research outputs by medical students from routine public health training projects. Med Teach 2011;33:254”.

All student authors names are bolded

Tobacco control related topics

  • Martin, N., H. McHugh, J. Murtagh, C. Oliver-Rose, D. Panesar, H. Pengelly, S. Rieper, H. Schofield, V. Singh, A. Speed, R. Strachan, T. K. Tapsell, S. Trafford, S. van Ryn, E. Ward, R. Whiting, M. Wilson-van Duin, Z. Wu, G. Purdie, F. S. van der Deen, G. Thomson, A. L. Pearson and N. Wilson (2014). Observational study of the visibility of branded tobacco packaging and smoking at outdoor bars/cafes in Wellington, New Zealand. N Z Med J 127(1404): 27-36.
  • Chan, J., T. Burnett, R. Baillie, S. Blomfield, P. Cameron-Christie, J. Dickson, W. Fleishl, S. Ghandi, K. Gordon, J. Heo, A. Kesy, A. Yu Kao, C. Kenny, A. Knight, N. Wilson and G. Thomson (2014). "Smoking in outdoor areas of bars and cafés: Large differences between midday and evening prevalences."Drugs: education, prevention and policy: Online May 2014.
  • Parry R, Prior B, Sykes AJ, Tay J, Walsh B, Wright N, Pearce K, Richmond G, Robertson A, Roselan J, Shum P, Taylor G, Thachanamurthy P, Zheng T, Wilson N, Thomson G. Smokefree streets: A pilot study of methods to inform policy. Nicotine Tob Res 2011;13:389-394. [Abstract] - [Note – one of these student authors [R Parry] contributed to two other studies: a journal article and a journal letter].
  • Wilson N, Sloane K, Imlach Gunasekara F, Thomson G. Portrayal of tobacco in televised music videos: content analysis and trends. N Z Med J 2011;124:90-93. - [Note – student work involved the first survey in 2005 which contributed to this larger study].
  • Stevenson AM, Bradshaw R, Cook J, Cunningham R, Riddick L, Miller R, Edwards R, Wilson N, Thomson G. Majority of smokers and non-smokers in favour of smokefree parks in New Zealand. N Z Med J 2008;121:108-10. [Full free text]
  • Thomson G, Wilson N, Bushell L, Al Matar W, Ball B, Chiu J, Culliford N, Gately C, Gibson K, Hudson J, Hunt P, Rangamuwa K, Tapp D, Wickramaratne H, Young V. Butt lengths differ by area deprivation level: a field study to explore intensive smoking. Nicotine Tob Res 2008;10:927-31. [Abstract]
  • Quedley M, Ng B, Sapre N, Blakiston M, Crawford A, Devadas R, McLaren H, Anand S, Tipu M, Dayal V, Chandrasiri S, Thomson G, Edwards R. In sight, in mind: retailer compliance with legislation on limiting retail tobacco displays. Nicotine Tob Res 2008;10:1347-54. [Abstract]
  • Gale J, Fry B, Smith T, Okawa K, Chakrabarti A, Ah-Yen D, Yi J, Townsend S, Carroll R, Stockwell A, Sievwright A, Dew K, Thomson G. Smoking in film in New Zealand: measuring risk exposure. BMC Public Health 2006;6:243. [Full free text]
  • Martin J, George R, Andrews K, Barr P, Bicknell D, Insull E, Knox C, Liu J, Naqshband M, Romeril K, Wong D, Thomson G, Wilson N. Observed smoking in cars: a method and differences by socioeconomic area. Tob Control 2006;15:409-11. [Full free text]

Influenza/pandemic influenza topics

  • Barry T, Manning S, Lee MS, Eggleton R, Hampton S, Kaur J, Baker MG, Wilson N Respiratory hygiene practices by the public during the 2009 influenza pandemic: an observational study. Influenza Other Respi Viruses 2011;5:317-20. [Abstract]
  • Manning S, Barry T, Baker MG, Wilson N. Hand hygiene practices at a hospital entrance after the 2009 influenza pandemic: observational study over 1 year. N Z Med J 2011;124:111-4. [Full free text]
  • Manning S, Barry T, Wilson N, Baker M. Update: follow-up study showing post-pandemic decline in hand sanitiser use, New Zealand, December 2009. Euro Surveill 2010;15(3):pii=19466. [Full free text]
  • Murray R, Chandler C, Clarkson Y, Wilson N, Baker M, Cunningham R. Sub-optimal hand sanitiser usage in a hospital entrance during an influenza pandemic, New Zealand, August 2009. Euro Surveill 2009;14(37):pii=19331. [Full free text]
  • McSweeny K, Colman A, Fancourt N, Parnell M, Stantiall S, Rice G, Baker M, Wilson N. Was rurality protective in the 1918 influenza pandemic in New Zealand? N Z Med J 2007;120:U2579. [Full free text]
  • Sertsou G, Wilson N, Baker M, Nelson P, Roberts MG. Key transmission parameters of an institutional outbreak during the 1918 influenza pandemic estimated by mathematical modelling. Theor Biol Med Model 2006;3:38. [Full free text]

Other topics

  • Robinson A, Hulme-Moir S , Puloka V, Smith M, Stanley J, Signal L. (2017) Housing as a Determinant of Tongan Children's Health: Innovative Methodology Using Wearable Cameras. Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health. 14, 1170; doi:10.3390/ijerph14101170
  • Clews C, Brajkovich-Payne R, Dwight E, Ahmad Fauzul A, Burton M, Carleton O, Cook J, Deroles C, Faulkner R, Furniss M, Herewini A, Huband D, Jones N, Kim CW, Li A, Lu J, Stanley J, Wilson N, Thomson G. Alcohol in urban streetscapes: A comparison of the use of Google Street View and on-street observation.BMC Public Health 2016;16:442. DOI: 10.1186/s12889-016-3115-9.
  • Mules T, Taylor J, Price R, Walker L, Singh B, Newsam P, Palaniyappan T, Snook T, Ruselan M, Ryan J, Santhirasegaran J, Shearman P, Watson P, Zino R, Signal L, Fougere G, Moriarty H, Jenkin G. Addressing patient alcohol use: the view from general practice. Journal of Primary Health Care 2012; 4 (3), 217-222. [Full free text]
  • Wilson N, McIntyre M, McDonald M, Tanner H, Hart K, Tomlinson R, Thach T, Campion V, Lee D, Morrison F, Andersen E, Bibby S. Communication and health protection issues arising from a flooding emergency. Prehosp Disaster Med 2005;20:193-6. [Abstract]


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