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Applying For University Ethics Approval

The Department has created a document that is designed to help our researchers navigate the University of Otago internal ethics system. It starts with points about overcoming the most common problems encountered by investigators, and gives some guidance regarding the four types of ethics applications within our system. It has a flow chart which shows you the submission and approval process for each of the four applications, and finishes with links to some helpful online resources and templates. This document will be updated periodically as required, and the latest version will be uploaded to this website.

Department of Public Health: Guide to University of Otago Ethics Applications

Successful Grants Database

We have collated a database of all successfully-funded grants led from within our Department between 2007-2017, and stored this on a Moodle page that can be accessed by our staff. More than 250 successful grants are included, including the study name, funding agency, and contact details of the study Principal Investigator (PI). You are encouraged to contact the study PI for further information about the funding stream, or to ask for a copy of their successful application.

In order to access this database, you will need to log-in to Moodle with your University username and password. Access is restricted to staff members of the Department of Public Health, UoW – if you are a staff member of our Department, but cannot log-in to the Moodle page, please email and let him know.

Log in to Successful Grants Moodle Page

Guide to Changing Email Signatures

Our email signatures are like our electronic business cards – so it's important that we all have sharp-looking and easy to read signatures. The Department has put together a guide for creating email signatures, including how to incorporate Te Reo Māori. We encourage all of our staff and students to use this document to help them create beautiful email signatures.

Department of Public Health: Guide to changing email signatures

Translation Tip Sheet

We have put together a tip-sheet that summarises how our staff can access translation services for their research and teaching. It contains information about the services available, and the likely cost of these services. We encourage our staff to read this guide and think about how they might incorporate more Te Reo Māori into resources such as webpages, research summaries and other documents.

Download Tip sheet

The University of Otago, Wellington Data Laboratory

The University of Otago, Wellington is privileged to host a remote access facility connected to Statistics New Zealand's Data Laboratory. The UoW Data Laboratory has six computers able to be linked to the secure Statistics New Zealand system, and offers researchers an opportunity to access data such as that stored within the Integrated Data Infrastructure (IDI). The following webpage has more information about the UoW Data Laboratory, how to access it, and some important information about the ethical implications of using the available data.

Go to the University of Otago, Wellington Data Laboratory page

Results of 2017 Departmental Mentoring Survey

At the end of 2017, all staff members of the Department were invited to take part in a brief survey, with questions pertaining to their personal experience of mentoring. This brief report shows the results from that survey, briefly summarises them, and makes some recommendations based on these observations.

Department of Public Health: Results of 2017 Staff Mentoring Survey

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