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June_AtkinsonNZC StatisticsSenior Analyst; BODE³, Suicide and Mental Health Research Group

Contact details

Tel 64 4 918 6085
Fax 64 4 389 5319

Research interests and activities

June has played an important role in many Health Inequalities Research Programme (HIRP) projects. She is heavily involved in the data linkage and analyses of the New Zealand Census Mortality Study (NZCMS) and CancerTrends. She is involved in the Healthier Lives National Science Challenge through the Virtual Health Information Network (VHIN) project which will build on the 'big data' approach to healthcare. June has also contributed to aspects of Neighbourhoods and Health and a small amount for SoFIE-Health.

As a member of the NZDep team for the Social Indicators study, June was involved with the production of NZDep2006. She also occasionally serves as a SAS advisor to people within the department and externally.

June's research interests include statistical programming and graphics, especially using SAS, as well as data management and generalising programs and systems.


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Nghiem, N., Atkinson, J., Nguyen, B. P., Tran-Duy, A., & Wilson, N. (2023). Predicting high health-cost users among people with cardiovascular disease using machine learning and nationwide linked social administrative datasets. Health Economics Review, 13, 9. doi: 10.1186/s13561-023-00422-1

Randle, J., McLeod, M., Harris, R., Inns, S., & Atkinson, J. (2022, November). It’s worse than it looks: Māori ethnicity data quality in health and its implications for the National bowel screening programme age extension. Verbal presentation at the New Zealand College of Public Health Medicine Annual Scientific Meeting and Workshop, Dunedin, New Zealand.

Harris, R. B., Paine, S.-J., Atkinson, J., Robson, B., King, P. T., Randle, J., Mizdrak, A., & McLeod, M. (2022). We still don't count: The under-counting and under-representation of Māori in health and disability sector data. New Zealand Medical Journal, 135(1567), 54-78. Retrieved from

Gurney, J. K., Stanley, J., Koea, J., Adler, J., Atkinson, J., & Sarfati, D. (2022). Where are we dying? Ethnic differences in place of death among New Zealanders dying of cancer. JCO Global Oncology, 8, e2200024. doi: 10.1200/go.22.00024

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