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Profile_NanettePhD (Dr rer nat), Diplom, Dipl-Ing(FH), PGDipSc,
CELTA, GradCertAntaStud
Senior Lecturer

Contact details

Tel 64 4 918 5692

Dr Nanette Schleich is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Radiation Therapy. Nanette also is a Radiation Oncology Medical Physicist working part-time at the Wellington Blood & Cancer Centre.

Research interests and activities

Nanette's research interests are in the area of medical physics, particularly radiation therapy and medical imaging, and include dual energy X-ray analysis and spectral X-ray CT imaging.


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Kanithi, P., de Ruiter, N. J. A., Amma, M. R., Lindeman, R. W., Butler, A. P. H., Butler, P. H., … Adebileje, S. A., … Asghariomabad, F., … Bamford, B., … Carbonez, P., … Clark, J. A., … Crighton, J. S., Dahal, S., Damet, J., … Gieseg, S. P., … Gurney, S., Healy, J. L., … Lowe, C., Marfo, E., Matanaghi, A., Moghiseh, M., … Panta, R. K., … Raja, A. Y., Renaud, P., … Schleich, N., … Sheeja, J. S., … Walker, E. P., … Younger, W. R. (2021). Interactive image segmentation of MARS datasets using bag of features. IEEE Transactions on Radiation & Plasma Medical Sciences, 5(4), 559-567. doi: 10.1109/TRPMS.2020.3030045

Midgley, S., Schleich, N., Merchant, A., & Stevenson, A. (2019). CT dosimetry at the Australian Synchrotron for 25–100 keV photons and 35–160 mm-diameter biological specimens. Journal of Synchrotron Radiation, 26, 517-527. doi: 10.1107/S1600577518018015

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