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Naima-Khan_profile1. Why did you choose your degree programme, and what made you enrol at the University of Otago, Wellington (UOW) to study?
I tagged along with a friend on her work experience at Middlemore hospitals. She was set on becoming a physiotherapist and I was still trying to figure out what I wanted. By the end if the 2 week work experience, I'd fallen in love with what physio's did and how they helped people and helped to improve their quality of living. I met a physio during the experience and she was an Otago graduate, I think she'll be the one that actually convinced me on the BIG move. For my final year placement I chose UOW because I'd heard about the excellent support they had through a friend who also did their final year in wellington.

2. What did you enjoy most about your degree programme (e.g. your favourite courses, use of any facilities or resources fieldwork, labs, work placements, electives etc.)?
Hands down my favourite part of the whole programme would have to be the clinical placements. It was all about learning on the job and learning from some of the best physiotherapists around.

3. What are you doing post-graduation?
I'm currently working at a Private practice in Auckland and in my spare time I look after a Rugby league team, Richmond Rovers.

4. What was it like living and studying through UOW? How do you think it benefited your studies?
Wellington is definitely different to studying in Otago. Everything, ISN'T student friendly. But you adapt fast and I can now say that Wellington is one of my favourite cities.

5. Did you use any of UOW's support or welfare services (e.g. Library, Student Learning Advisor, Assoc. Dean Pacific's office)? How did they help?
I used the library, probably not as much as I would have liked it to. I could find all the resources I need. And if I couldn't the library staff was always around to help you find it or order it in. it definitely helped me with my research paper and took that added stress off. Nandika was amazing, she was constantly checking up on you and making sure you were okay and always asking if I needed help with anything. The occasional coffee catch ups were all I needed, someone to talk to and take the stress off.

6. Is there anything else you would like to add about your experiences at UOW?
I have nothing but praises for UOW, it's a small intimate campus and you end up knowing everyone. It's like another home away from home. And the staff there are amazing.

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